By taking care of your dentures, they can last for years, giving you a strong, beautiful smile. Part of proper denture upkeep is scheduling time for repairs and relines. If you have had an oral disease, if your appliances have been damaged or if your jaw has changed in any way, Dr. Alok Sharda invites you to come in for an appointment.

We suggest coming in for a reline or repair if:

  • Your dentures have been broken or otherwise damaged.
  • Your dentures slip out of place or rub against the gumline, causing irritation.
  • The material of dentures is old and worn down.
  • Your dentures are not custom-fitted (immediate).

Sharda Family Dentistry provides denture repairs and denture relines in Creedmoor, North Carolina, helping patients maintain their smiles looking and feeling great. When you visit our dentist, our office may recommend any of the following services:

Reline: If there are changes in the shape or overall structure of the gums or jawbone, sometimes the dentures no longer fit. Instead of sitting correctly and forming a tight seal, they can start to slip and move around. To treat this, our dentist may complete a soft, hard or temporary reline.

Rebase: In cases where only the supporting base has been damaged, our dentist may recommend a simple rebase repair.

Repair: If your dentures have been damaged, come in for an appointment as soon as you can. A repair appointment can prevent the damage from spreading or causing injury.

For any questions about relines or repairs, call 919-528-9500 to schedule a denture consultation with our dentist.